So I haven’t been around for a while. Things in the Mortuary  have been a little insane! We have had 2 members of staff leave and the number of deaths seems to have rocketed. Normally in the death biz you get seasonal slumps; well not in the last year! Oddly there has been no pre or post Christmas slow down in work and it has been go, go, go almost solidly for a whole year.

I will be interested to see what the overall death statistics are at the end of this year, I think we are going to see a national rise in figures of deaths in general not just excess seasonal deaths from things such as flu.

I have also just taken over as the boss which means a ton more work for me, hence the long disappearance from the blog. Hopefully I will get more time this year and will be able to fill you in on the wonderful world of Mortuary life.

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My first atempt at professional writing

A couple of weeks ago i was asked by a prestigious industry magazine if i would like to write an article for them. I have never tried my hand at professsional writing before and have been rather nervous about it. But i thought what the hell, nothing ventured nothing gained right?
Well 20 minutes ago i submitted my article to the editor. I am now a huge bundle of nerves in anticipation of his response. Fingers crossed it’s not too bad and doesn’t need to much work done to it to make it printable, if indeed it is printable at all!
If all goes well and it isn’t as bad as the pessimist in me believes it is then this could be the first step towards a new venture for me.

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My Day

So this i guess is my first official post!

I wanted to share something that not many people would think someone in a Mortuary does. The main part of my job is to eviscerate people for Post Mortem examination but there is so much more to my role than you would expect.

So on Friday one of the jobs i had to do was to make a set of clay imprints. This is a service we provide for families whose babies and children have sadly died. This is a part of my job that, although sad, i enjoy very much. It is something i can do, and that i take pride in doing, for the families. It is something i can do so that they have something beautiful to remember their child by. I take the clay impressions of the baby’s hand and foot and then it is sent away to a company who fire, colour and frame the prints for the family completely free of charge. I am truly privelidged to be able to be a part of this process.

I have included a picture of me preparing the clay and an example of what the finished prints would look like.

Clay Prep                       Completed Imprints

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New Girl

Hi all. I’m new to this blogging game but stay tuned and hopefully I can keep you enlightened and entertained with the life of a Mortuary Girl….and more. 

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